15 KPIs to track for e-banking and mobile banking

The 15 KPIs that most influence customer engagement for e-banking and m-banking platforms. Use them to build a better experience for clients and get more from your investment in digital banking services

In this ebook on KPIs for online and mobile banking we cover the following topics:

  • Why banks and financial institutions should define specific KPIs for their online and mobile services?
  • How to identify the right KPIs for your digital platforms?
  • Who should be involved in the process of defining KPIs?
  • When to set up KPIs so to meet your bank’s strategic goals?
  • What characteristics differentiate KPIs from other metrics?
  • Which metrics, regarding conversion, performance or UX, financial institutions should track on their sites and mobile apps?
  • What are the stages in the process of developing KPIs for your digital banking?
  • How to use a balanced scorecard to efficiently identify KPIs?
  • How can KPIs help navigate internal processes in e-banking & m-banking?

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