Free comparison of 4 enterprise-ready mobile app analytics tools

Discover 30 essential differences between Mixpanel, Flurry Analytics, Google Analytics and Piwik PRO to find out which tool suits your business’s requirements

In this comparison, we analyze how the leading mobile app analytics platforms differ when it comes to:

  • Reporting features & flexibility

    Which vendor offers event-based analytics, custom dimensions and variables, and other reporting capabilities.
  • Data security & hosting options

    Which vendor provides cloud and on-premises hosting and which has an ISO 27001 security standard certification.
  • Data ownership & privacy

    Which vendor ensures 100% data ownership and compliance with privacy laws (e.g. the GDPR).
  • Integrations

    We present a list of possible integrations with other tools, such as a consent manager, tag management system and customer data platform (CDP).
  • Customer support

    We list the kind of assistance (dedicated staff, phone and online support, etc.) you can expect from each vendor.

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