Piwik PRO v. Google Analytics

Get the analytics capabilities of Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360 with legal compliance, data security and enterprise support

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite lets you analyze the customer journey across websites, apps and digital products. Safely explore digital user experiences in more places, including post-login areas and healthcare platforms where sensitive data is the norm.

Piwik PRO GA
(3 & 4)
GA 360
(3 & 4)
Analytics capabilities
Privacy compliance
Private cloud and on-prem hosting
Compliant collection of personal data and PII
Full customer journey including post-login areas
Custom reports
Tag manager
Integration with Google Ads and Google Search Console
Customer data platform with data import capabilities (requires Salesforce)
Price (Core)

Choose the platform that gives you the analytics capabilities you need to make smart business decisions in addition to the features and data protections you need to comply with internal and external data regulations.

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The full customer journey

Analyze the customer journey across websites, apps and SaaS products, including post-login areas. Add more data sources with our customer data platform.

Legal compliance

Ensure compliance with internal policies and data protection regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PIPEDA and HIPAA.

High-touch enterprise support

Quickly confront challenges and resolve issues to better understand your data. Get support from installation to customizing your tech stack with the Piwik PRO Enterprise plan.

Easy transition

Switch to Piwik PRO with ease, thanks to an interface similar to GA, migration of GA tags and dedicated onboarding and support.

Brands that trust in Piwik PRO

Public institutions, private companies and enterprises trust us and value our privacy-oriented approach