Piwik PRO vs. Google Analytics

Get the analytics capabilities of GA and GA 360 with better compliance features and a built-in consent manager

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite lets you apply the highest protection standards to your data. This allows you to collect valuable user data and at the same time comply with strict privacy laws, such as GDPR.

Piwik PRO GA (3 &4) GA 360
(3 & 4)
Analytics capabilities
Compliant collection of personal data and PII
Full customer journey tracking including post-login areas
Privacy compliance
Private cloud and on-prem hosting
Data shared with third parties
Integrated consent manager
Advanced data anonymization
Suitable for industries handling sensitive data: banking, governments, telecoms and healthcare

Choose a fully-featured analytics that doesn’t compromise on user privacy and data security. Collect personal data to recreate the whole customer journey between your websites, apps and digital products.

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Full analytics stack

Take advantage of an analytics platform that is natively integrated with a tag manager, customer data platform and consent manager.

Legal compliance

Ensure compliance with internal policies and data protection regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PIPEDA and HIPAA.

More relevant data

Get unlimited access to raw, unsampled data along with safe handling of unique user identifiers (PII and personal data).

Easy transition

Switch to Piwik PRO with ease, thanks to an interface similar to GA, migration of GA tags and dedicated onboarding and support.

Brands that trust in Piwik PRO

Public institutions, private companies and enterprises trust us and value our privacy-oriented approach