Piwik PRO – the next step after Google Analytics Universal

Get all the key analytics functionalities of Google Analytics 3, with legal compliance and data security added

Looking for a replacement for Google Analytics Universal? Not ready for Google Analytics 4? Piwik PRO’s privacy and security approach gives you greater analytics flexibility: consent, data control, personal data, post-login areas, unsampled raw data and more. With similar methodology to Google Analytics Universal.

Piwik PRO Core Google Analytics Universal (GA3) Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
Performance and features
Built-in consent management
100% data control
EU cloud hosting available
Data sampling None Automatic for 500k+ sessions per month Only for advanced reports
Standard reporting for web apps and mobile apps
Custom reports and dashboards
Google Search Console integration
GDPR compliance
Tag manager

Start using the Piwik PRO Core plan now – privacy-friendly analytics plus consent & tag management. Free forever.

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Privacy and security compliance

Collect data with full respect for privacy and security laws, including GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA. Make compliance easier with an integrated consent and data request manager.

More data about your audience

Get up to 70% more data without violating user privacy. Use software that ad blockers don’t stop and that lets you collect session-level data on visitors who decline or ignore your consent request.

Unsampled and raw data

Work with a full set of data about your visitors, not just a sample. Use analytics data in more contexts thanks to integrations with BI tools and raw data access.

Easy implementation

Implement our platform with a single tracking tag. Then, configure your data collection using a tag manager set up similarly to Google Tag Manager (use your existing tags and data layer).

Familiar environment

No need to learn from scratch. Use an analytics platform based on the same analytics concepts and with a similar UI to Google Analytics Universal.

Safe integration with Google Ads and Search Console

Access reports from Google Ads and Google Search Console without sharing your data with the Google ecosystem.

Brands that trust in Piwik PRO

Public institutions, private companies and enterprises trust us and value our privacy-oriented approach