Piwik PRO Analytics Suite
vs. Google Analytics 4

Choose a privacy-compliant analytics platform that offers all the key functionalities you know from Universal Analytics and more.

On July 1, 2023, Google will sunset Universal Analytics. Users who want to continue to analyze their websites’ performance must decide if they want to migrate to Google Analytics 4, which is based on a completely different data model, or find a more familiar alternative. Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is based on a similar UI and concepts as Universal Analytics. It also gives you more control over data and features for better privacy compliance.

Piwik PRO Core Piwik PRO Enterprise Google Analytics 4 Google Analytics 4 360
Privacy compliance
EU-based data hosting
Analytics capabilities
Built-in tag manager
Built-in consent manager
Customer support and onboarding
Access to raw & unsampled data
Unsampled data
Safe integrations with the Google ecosystem
GDPR compliance
Data shared with third-parties
Predefined and custom attribution models

Choose the platform that gives you the analytics capabilities you need to make smart business decisions coupled with the features and data protections that ensure you comply with internal and external data regulations.

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More data about your audience

Get up to 70% more data without violating user privacy. Use software that ad blockers don’t stop and that lets you collect session-level data with users’ consent.

Familiar and user-friendly environment

No need to learn a new data model from scratch. Use an analytics platform based on the same analytics concepts and with a similar UI to Google Analytics.

Transparent consent collection

Make compliance easier and track data with respect for user privacy thanks to an integrated consent and data request manager.

Variety of EU-based hosting options

Store data safely on selected EU-based public clouds, multiple private cloud locations or your own servers (Safe EU-based hosting in our Core plan, but additional options available in the Piwik PRO Enterprise plan).

High-touch customer support

Get help from a dedicated account manager and technical team (Available in the Piwik PRO Enterprise plan), or discuss your questions on the community forum.

Easy and intuitive implementation

Implement our platform easily with a single tracking tag. Then, configure your data collection using your existing tags and data layer.

Brands that trust Piwik PRO

Public institutions, private companies and enterprises trust us and value our privacy-oriented approach