Mid-year marketing review: Analyze your performance and prepare for a successful Q4

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September is a great time to look back on your marketing initiatives from the past few months. It gives you sufficient time to implement changes and drive results before the year ends. Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategy by looking at the right data. Find out how Piwik PRO Analytics Suite can help you monitor how well you’re meeting your goals and what needs improvement.


Dominika Gruszkiewicz

B2B Marketing Manager at Piwik PRO

Digital marketing expert with a background in content creation, performance marketing and marketing automation. At Piwik PRO, Dominika oversees the company’s global marketing activities, promoting the privacy-compliant analytics platform across all the relevant industries.

Szymon Grzesiak

Performance Marketing Manager at Piwik PRO

Marketing expert with rich experience in SEO and SEM campaigns. In recent years, his work has focused mainly on B2B lead acquisition. Fan of marketing automation with Hubspot configuration skills. A WordPress webmaster skilled in HTML and CSS.

What’s in it for you:

Benefits of a mid-year marketing analysis

Use the time you still have this year to look back on the results of your marketing initiatives. Learn how to perform a mid-year review of your efforts to better allocate your time and budget.

Useful tactics for evaluating and improving your results

Take a deep dive into data on your conversions, user flows, traffic sources, ad campaigns and more. Check what works and what should be improved to maximize the success of your marketing.

Reports and processes to monitor all year long

Learn about the vital aspects of your site you should regularly review to ensure high performance. Prioritize optimizing your sales process so every lead is taken care of.

How Piwik PRO Analytics Suite can help you track the data that matters

See the most important features and reports of Piwik PRO Analytics Suite in action. Track essential marketing metrics and examine the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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