Easily switch from Universal Analytics to Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

Join the early access program and test our new feature that automatically migrates all your settings from Google Analytics Universal to Piwik PRO

Take part in our testing program for the feature that helps you import your configuration from Universal Analytics. Try out the new migration panel before its official release later this year.

What you’ll gain from joining our early access program

  • Automatically migrate settings from your Google Analytics account:
    • All tracking properties
    • Tracking settings
    • Goals and custom dimensions
  • Quickly copy your Google Tag Manager setup:
    • Import tags, triggers and variables to Piwik PRO Tag Manager
    • Set up your tags in a privacy-compliant way

Join the early access program

  • Must have Owner level access on the Piwik PRO account
  • ‘example’ in ‘example.piwik.pro’.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

This information will be used only to contact you. For details, see our privacy policy.

How Piwik PRO outperforms Universal Analytics

Privacy-compliant data analytics

Collect data with full respect for privacy and security laws, including GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA.

Access to unsampled and raw data

Use a full set of data about your audience in more contexts thanks to integrations with BI tools and raw data access.

Complete customer journey analysis

Analyze user behavior on websites, apps, SPAs and secure post-login areas without stitching data across sessions and platforms.

Full control over data

Store data on safe cloud servers in the EU to remain in control of the data in every case. Choose an Enterprise plan for more options.

More data about users

Be privacy compliant and collect session-level data on visitors who decline or ignore your consent request.

High-touch customer care

Get professional help from a dedicated account manager and technical team (option available for Enterprise customers).