Migrating to Piwik PRO Analytics Suite with a partner agency

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Migrating to a new analytics platform can be a challenge. While we support all our clients during this process, some choose the help of their local agency or partner. Our speakers discuss the reasons for switching to Piwik PRO Analytics Suite and the key challenges that companies can face. They also share some examples of successful migrations with a partner’s assistance.


Carl Löjdqvist

Head of Performance at Knowit Experience

Carl has over fifteen years of experience working in the industry on both the client and agency sides. Currently, as Head of Performance in Knowit, the biggest digital agency in the Nordics, he is helping clients become more data-driven in their decision-making.

Daniel Bensason

Digital Analytics & Performance Consultant at Liip

Analytics specialist that helps companies bring value to their analytics setups and monitor their digital presence through carefully selected KPIs. Daniel uses his experience as a Marketing and Communication specialist on the client side to better understand his customers.

Mateusz Krempa

Chief Revenue Officer at Piwik PRO

Mateusz is a Warsaw School of Economics graduate with over nine years of management experience. As the leader of the Revenue Operations department, he's responsible for the optimization of revenue streams. He also oversees account management activities for the entire Piwik PRO customer portfolio.

What’s in it for you:

Reasons why customers switch from their current analytics provider

Discover why companies move from GA4 and other analytics platforms to Piwik PRO. Learn why now is a perfect time to reconsider your data collection methods.

How to prepare for migration to a new analytics platform

Find out how to manage the change in your organization when starting with a new analytics platform. Learn from our experts about what companies should prepare for.

Use cases of successful migrations

See some examples of how partners can effectively help their clients move to our platform and what the migration process looks like.

Potential mistakes to watch out for

Realize the most common errors you should avoid while changing your analytics provider. Gain valuable tips on what to pay attention to.

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