Free comparison of 5 leading product analytics platforms

Compare over 30 differences between Piwik PRO, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Heap, and Kissmetrics

In our comparison of product analytics vendors we cover such topics as:

  • Data security & hosting options

    Which vendor provides cloud and on-premises hosting and has an ISO 27001 security certification.
  • Data ownership & privacy

    Which vendor ensures 100% data ownership and compliance with privacy laws (including the GDPR).
  • Reporting features

    Which vendor offers custom reports, funnel analytics, content tracking, and other reporting capabilities.
  • Data processing

    Which vendor offers raw data access, reporting API, and connectors to BI and data visualization software.
  • Integrations

    How the products integrate with different tools and platforms (including a consent manager and a tag manager).
  • Customer support

    What kind of assistance (dedicated staff, phone and online support, etc.) you can expect from each vendor.

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