Free comparison of 6 leading product analytics platforms

Compare over 30 differences between Piwik PRO Enterprise, Mixpanel Enterprise, Amplitude, Heap Premier, Countly Enterprise and Pendo Enterprise.

In our comparison of product analytics vendors, we cover such topics as:

  • Data security & hosting options
    What hosting and data residency options you’ll get.
  • Data ownership & privacy
    How the platforms approach privacy compliance and control over data.
  • Reporting features
    What kind of reporting capabilities you can expect from each vendor – custom reports, funnel analytics and more.
  • Data processing
    How the platforms compare in terms of raw data access, reporting API, and connectors to BI and data visualization software.
  • Integrations
    How the products integrate with different tools and platforms, including a consent manager and a tag manager.
  • Customer support
    What kind of technical support, customer care and training each vendor offers.

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