The analytics platform built for the needs of regulated gaming and sports entertainment operators

Keep the analytics features of Google Analytics while protecting customer confidentiality with more data privacy features and full control of data residency

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite lets you analyze the complete customer journey while applying the highest data privacy and security standards. Available with cloud hosting (EU, US, Hong Kong), private cloud hosting (60+ Azure & AWS regions) and self hosting.

Piwik PRO Google Analytics
Privacy compliance
EU cloud hosting and data residency
Private cloud in 60+ Azure & AWS regions
On-premises hosting
Built-in consent & data request manager
Full customer journey, including post-login areas
Built-in tag manager
Campaign tracking & multi-channel conversion attribution
Integration with Google Ads and Google Search Console
Custom reports and dashboards with intuitive drag-and-drop editor
Customer data platform
Access to raw data via API
Personalized onboarding & high-touch customer care

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Privacy compliance

Ensure compliance with data protection laws such as GDPR, PDPA and DPA. Collect personal data while respecting visitor preferences thanks to our Consent Manager.

Flexible hosting & full data control

Get access to raw, unsampled and personal data. Keep full control of the data you collect, whether you choose cloud, private cloud or on-premises hosting.

Easy transition

Switch to Piwik PRO with ease, thanks to an interface similar to Google Analytics and tag migration from Google Tag Manager. Also get tailored onboarding and support.

Campaign tracking & conversion attribution

Analyze sources of leads, common drop-off points and how customers convert. See which channels and campaigns generate the most conversions.

The full customer journey

Analyze the customer journey across websites, apps and SaaS products, including post-login areas. Add more data sources with our Customer Data Platform.

Stable & fast

Handle 500M+ actions per month. Receive data in near real time and create custom reports and dashboards in seconds with a scalable backend built specially for analytics use cases.

Brands that trust in Piwik PRO

Public institutions, private companies and enterprises trust us and value our privacy-oriented approach