Compare 4 leading SharePoint analytics vendors for free

Learn how Webtrends, Piwik PRO, NGAGE and CardioLog Analytics differ from each other and find out which vendor fits your business’s needs

In this SharePoint analytics comparison we cover the following topics:

  • Data collection flexibility:

    Availability of different tracking mechanisms, hosting methods and custom variables/dimensions.
  • Reporting features:

    Comparison of reports, metrics and integrations.
  • Data processing and connectivity:

    Access to raw data access and reporting API.
  • Data ownership & privacy:

    Ownership of your data, compliance with international privacy legislation, including the GDPR.
  • Compatibility:

    Comparison of versions of SharePoint and Office365 that are supported.
  • Integrations:

    What integrations can you get with Webtrends, Piwik PRO, NGAGE and CardioLog Analytics.

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