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Compare the 17 key features of Tealium, Exponea, Optimove and Piwik PRO to find the right fit for your business

In our ebook we explain the benefits of using SCV and showcase how these software products differ in areas such as:

  • Data sources:

    Which vendors offer web and app behavioral data, sensitive data onboarding, post-login area touchpoints and custom data import.
  • SCV reporting:

    Which vendors provide detailed information about customer journey touchpoints, users real-time behavioral attributes and custom profile attributes.
  • Lifecycle marketing:

    Which vendors enable calculating customer lifetime value, provide on-site and in-app personalized messages and customized off-site retargeting.
  • Security and privacy:

    Which vendors ensure compliance with various privacy legislation (including GDPR, CCPA, LGPD) and offer products suitable for secure post-login & member areas.

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