Life after Universal Analytics: What makes Piwik PRO a better alternative than Google Analytics 4

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Thursday, May 26, 2022
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CEST

In July 2023 Google Universal Analytics, known as Google Analytics 3, will become history. Companies need to decide what to do next – switch to the controversial Google Analytics 4 or consider other options. Find out why Piwik PRO Analytics Suite might be a great alternative to Google products. Learn how to easily migrate your analytics to a privacy-friendly EU-based platform. Get all your questions answered during a Q&A session.


Jarek Miazga

Product Manager at Piwik PRO

Jarek is the leader of Analytics and Audience Manager makers. He listens to clients and product visionaries, sits at the drawing table with engineers, and they all come up with solutions that we see in the new product. He explains best how each new feature works.

Piotr Harmasz

Product Manager at Piwik PRO

Piotr is a product manager of the newly created Integrations team at Piwik PRO. He makes sure that Piwik PRO Analytics Suite works seamlessly with other products. His background as a solution architect helps him manage the technical side of integrations and stay a customer advocate.

What’s in it for you:

Reasons to consider a Google Analytics alternative

Discover why you should go for an alternative to Google Analytics 4 – privacy, ease of use and implementation being the most important factors.

A guide to migrating your analytics to Piwik PRO

Find out how to switch from Universal Analytics to Piwik PRO. Let us walk you through product implementation and setup, shown in a practical example.

Piwik PRO as an alternative to Google Analytics 4

Let us introduce you to Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. Get familiar with the key capabilities of our platform and see what makes it a great replacement for Google Analytics 3.

Piwik PRO’s upcoming features that will help you with the transition

Learn about new functionalities on our roadmap that will ease the switch from Google Analytics 3 to Piwik PRO Analytics Suite.

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