Customer data platforms – when, why and how to implement a CDP

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In this webinar, we’ll tell you all about customer data platforms. The popularity of the term CDP is growing, but there is often confusion about how a company can benefit from one. We’ll cover why and when you should consider a CDP along with concrete examples of how to best implement one in your organization.


Maciej Zawadziński

CEO at Piwik PRO

AdTech and MarTech expert and online privacy rights advocate, working toward more conscious data use. Together with a team of over 100 people, Maciej is building Piwik PRO Analytics Suite – a privacy-friendly analytics platform, the perfect alternative to Google Analytics.

Piotr Słonina

Head Of Revenue Operations at Piwik PRO

Digital marketing expert with a focus on online analytics. As a solution architect, Piotr helps organizations get the most out of the Piwik PRO platform and makes sure all their business needs are taken into account.

What you’ll learn from this webinar

What is a customer data platform?

We’ll tell you what a CDP actually is and how it evolved from CRMs and DMPs to the modern data platform it is now.

Does my company need a CDP?

What are the benefits of implementing a CDP in your organization? How does it fit into your marketing and data ecosystem?

Practical examples on data integration

Learn how to link visitor interactions with other data in your organization and leverage it for your business needs.

Get the most out of a CDP

Go further and activate your customer data. Use it to get more prospects from marketing campaigns and to improve user experience in your products.

Watch the webinar

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