Data analytics in healthcare –
do more with patient data while staying HIPAA-compliant

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In the healthcare industry, one of the main challenges is balancing data collection with HIPAA compliance. Join the webinar and learn how to run solid analyses and move past barriers that hinder the use of data in healthcare. You’ll also get a grasp of how to use first-party data to boost your organization’s tech advancement. Piwik PRO and Blast Analytics, experts in the field, will be your hosts.


Joe Christopher

VP Analytics at Blast Analytics

Joe is the VP of Analytics at Blast Analytics, leading a large team of strategists, technologists, and analysts that support leaders to EVOLVE their organizations. He is a DAA Certified Web Analyst and a certified expert in multiple digital analytics platforms. Joe regularly shares his passion and knowledge of analytics through corporate trainings, blogging, and speaking engagements.

Jakub Stadniczuk

Business Development Manager at Piwik PRO

Jakub is the Business Development Manager for the North America region at Piwik PRO. He regularly consults with healthcare customers on everything from web analytics to data residency. He specializes in helping organizations that collect sensitive data to boost their analytics efforts and comply with HIPAA requirements.

What’s in it for you:

Why healthcare companies move slowly towards digital maturity

You’ll learn why so many healthcare entities don’t use the full potential of data. Our experts will explain why it’s worth digging deeper into data. Also, you’ll have a chance to see a couple of practical examples.

What’s the difference between PII and PHI?

We’ll cover the basics – the difference between personally identifiable information and protected health information. Also, our experts will educate you on how to wisely collect data so you can work with a complete dataset.

What are the internal and external challenges healthcare organizations face?

Our experts will discuss what type of obstacles are the main problem for healthcare companies. They will cover the tech background and the state of knowledge on data collection and HIPAA compliance.

How to leverage sensitive data and ensure HIPAA compliance

You’ll learn how important the information you collect directly from your audience is. Get a grasp of why you should rely on first-party data and how to include it in your marketing activities.

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