Moving away from Google Analytics: How to switch to an alternative analytics platform

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Google Analytics is free, but are you aware of the hidden costs? Learn why companies look for an alternative and how to plan a smooth transition to another analytics platform. Fill in the form and watch the webinar!


Maciej Zawadziński

CEO at Piwik PRO

An AdTech and MarTech expert and online privacy rights advocate working toward more conscious data use. Together with a team of over 100 people, Maciej is building Piwik PRO Analytics Suite – a privacy-friendly analytics platform, the perfect alternative to Google Analytics.

Piotr Słonina

Head of Customer Experience at Piwik PRO

Customer experience expert with a strong background in online analytics. In his daily work at Piwik PRO, Piotr creates and optimizes customer service processes and structures for scalability. He helps organizations get the most out of their analytics and makes sure that all their business needs are taken into account.

What you’ll learn from this webinar

Why Google Analytics is so popular

Learn the 3 main reasons for Google Analytics' popularity. Decide if those reasons are convincing enough for your organization.

What problems push companies to search for another vendor

Companies face many problems when using Google Analytics, such as compliance and data accuracy. See how these issues could be affecting you.

Learn the hidden costs of Google Analytics

From limited tracking possibilities to constraints on raw data, Google Analytics doesn't let you get the most out of your analytics investment.

How to ensure a smooth transition

What's necessary to ensure a smooth transition to another analytics platform? Make the switch as easy as possible with a few key tips.

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