How to improve consent opt-in rate and understand your analytics data

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Overcome the challenges in obtaining valid visitor consents and gathering valuable analytics data. Learn from experts how to implement your consent forms and have more visitors agree to collecting their personal data. Get all your questions answered during the Q&A session.


Marc Southwell

Senior Compliance Advisor at Cookie Information

Marc has extensive professional experience working with web agencies in different capacities. During that work, he found a niche in internet privacy as well. He now consults enterprise and global companies in how to inform website and mobile users about cookies and ask for legal consent to collect their data.

Piotr Korzeniowski

COO at Piwik PRO

Piotr is an expert in technical and legal aspects of implementing analytics solutions in the government and financial sectors. At Piwik PRO, he is responsible for day-to-day operations, service delivery, and partnerships. Prior to Piwik PRO, he worked for companies in the IT and financial industries, including HP and KPMG.

Dominika Gruszkiewicz

B2B Marketing Manager at Piwik PRO

Digital marketing expert with a background in content creation, performance marketing and marketing automation. At Piwik PRO, Dominika oversees the company’s global marketing activities, promoting the privacy-compliant analytics platform across all the relevant industries.

What’s in it for you:

The challenges in obtaining consent and how to overcome them

Website visitors have to actively say yes to data collection. Learn how to inform visitors about using cookies in the right way and get the needed amount of data.

Collect valuable data

See how data flows in an analytics system and how consent impacts this process. Find out the alternative ways to get data and draw insights from it.

The reasons behind the low consent opt-in rates

Get an overview of opt-in rates across industries. Explore the reasons for significant drops and adjust to an easier and more efficient collection process.

Use cases of consent form implementation

Look at specific examples of consent form implementation. Get professional tips on how to properly set up your consent forms.

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