Move past tracking obstacles in analytics: Privacy laws, browser blocking and Privacy Shield

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Tracking user behavior across web and mobile is getting harder. Browsers and privacy regulations keep throwing up new restrictions. How can you deal with technical and legal obstacles and still work with complete analytics data? We’ll give you many methods in this webinar.


Maciej Zawadziński

CEO at Piwik PRO

An AdTech and MarTech expert and online privacy rights advocate working toward more conscious data use. Together with a team of over 100 people, Maciej is building Piwik PRO Analytics Suite – a privacy-friendly analytics platform, the perfect alternative to Google Analytics.

Grzegorz Jendroszczyk

DPO at Piwik PRO

Expert in the field of data protection, especially GDPR online compliance. At Piwik PRO, he oversees the company’s compliance with the ISO 27001 security standard and conducts business with headline customers.

What you will get out of the webinar

Explanation of the technical & legal obstacles

Browsers, third-party browser extensions and regulations have introduced many technological and legal limitations to web and mobile tracking in recent years. Maciej and Grzegorz will explain what's happened and why.

Putting Privacy Shield in context

Data transfer from the EU to the US just got a lot harder. This now makes two laws that have been invalidated – Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield. Get details about what this means in practice and what the impact will be on web analytics.

How to deal with the tracking limitations

Opt-in only tracking, anonymous tracking and zero-identity tracking are all possibilities for dealing with these obstacles. Learn the benefits and drawbacks of each to use them to maximum effect in your organization.

How to collect up to 70% more analytics data

With the right methods, your marketing and product teams can keep benefiting from data-driven insights. The effective countermeasures presented here will help you strike the right balance between complete data and managing legal and technical obstacles.

Watch the webinar

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