Transformation of the public sector: How to measure and optimize the digital citizen journey?

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During this live discussion we’ll talk about the public sector and the challenges of digitalization. Is it possible for a government institution to create a fully online citizen journey? What are the main threats and challenges related to the digitalization of this sector? We’ll cover this and much more with the help of our guest speakers. Make sure to stay for a live Q&A session at the end.


Toon Vuursteen

Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting & Guest Lecturer at the Open Universiteit

Toon Vursteen is a Dutch thought leader in digital analytics for the public sector and the author of the FTG (Functie-Taak-Gedrag) framework. He has advised many public service institutions, including the municipalities of Amsterdam and The Hague (Den Haag), the Dutch court system (Rechtspraak) and ministries, departments and agencies of the Dutch central government (Rijksoverheid).

Jonathan Wiersma

Vice President of Marketing & Strategy at CivicPlus

As the Vice President of Marketing at CivicPlus®, Jonathan focuses on the citizen engagement and marketing communication trends that impact local governments. Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. He has over fifteen years of experience in software research and development, client service, process improvement, product implementations, sales, and marketing.

Piotr Korzeniowski

COO at Piwik PRO

Piotr is an expert in technical and legal aspects of implementing analytics solutions in the government and financial sectors. At Piwik PRO, he is responsible for day-to-day operations, service delivery, and partnerships. Prior to Piwik PRO, he worked for companies in the IT and financial industries, including HP and KPMG.

What we’ll discuss during this webinar

Is it possible for the citizen journey to be 100% online?

With rapid changes in today’s world, going online seems to be the right way to make the government fully accessible to all citizens. But are we ready for that?

What are the main trends in Europe and the USA in government digitalization?

We’ll cover main trends in the transformation of the public sector and compare the differences between Europe and the USA.

What are the main challenges facing public institutions?

Changes as big as this one often come with their own set of challenges. We’ll discuss the main pain points of building an online presence by government institutions.

Is there a way to track and optimize the online citizen journey?

Measuring citizens’ online journey is one thing, but improving it is a whole other story. We’ll talk about possible ways of optimizing the digital citizen experience.

Watch the webinar

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